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This page is dedicated to my obsession: NYLON SHORTS.
You will not find any pornographic content here. This is just
me having some good clean fun with my 'oly 3k' digicam, and,
lots of pairs of nylon shorts. I'm no super-model by any means,
but, who is. I just had a lot of fun doing the pictures, and I
thought I'd share them with the world. Please remember. . .
beauty is in the eye of the beholder !
Enjoy !
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Adidas Sprinter Shorts
Some of my Boxing Toys
Shiny Black Nylon Shorts
Shiny Blue Nylon Shorts
Shiny Green Nylon Shorts
Shiny Red Nylon Shorts
Shiny Silver Nylon Shorts
Shiny Purple Nylon Shorts
Runner's Nylon "Racing Silks"
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